Clare Design Launched to Critical Acclaim in Australia

Clare Design, co-published with UME Magazine, has been launched twice in Australia so far: at Bond University's Abedian School of Architecture and at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. A third launch event will take place at the Institute of Architects near the end of September. Early readers are impressed by the graphic design and production values as well as the generous display of the Clares’ beguiling architecture. The counter-intuitive alphabetical ordering of the works has been favourably noted in launch speeches.

At the Bond launch, professor Philip Follent said: "It is one of the most readable educational manuscripts on contemporary architects … a rare insight to the design process of a Gold Medal Award-winning practice through drawings, sketches, details, and seductive photos that demystify a no-nonsense yet poetic exploration of the possibilities of architecture which eschews style or a premeditated aesthetic." In Brisbane, professor Michael Keniger described it as a "remarkable endeavor enriching the culture of architecture in so many ways," elaborating that Clare Design "stands in marked contrast [to other architectural monographs] in revealing the impelling ideas and the disciplined methods of design development generated by Lindsay and Kerry Clare."

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