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From Design Anthology:

Architecture is the production of experience built from drawings and ideas made into space and material,’ writes author Erik L’Heureux. Deep Veils offers an eloquent treatise on the topic of building envelopes and enclosures, or veils, and a welcome counterpoint to the ubiquitous glass facades served up by modern architecture that are so ill-suited to the tropics. Drawing from disciplines and histories as diverse as Elizabethan literature and optical art, the author develops a robust and persuasive thesis in support of veils, arguing for a return to a more ‘honest’ architectural form and theory of design in the tropics.Ten case studies are fully explored within the conceptual framework, bringing a tangible form to the theoretical discussion; analytical drawings, models, sketches and photographs help to elucidate the particularities of each case. A beautifully bound and illustrated book, Deep Veils offers an eloquent translation from theory into practice — a remarkable feat in any field but particularly in architecture, where ideas and theories are so rarely conveyed through such articulate and thoughtful prose.


By Erik L’Heureux, introduction by Nasrin Seraji

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