Elegy from the Edge of a Continent

"Elegy From The Edge Of A Continent is filled with dramatic images and writing based on the landscape to be found in Point Reyes, California. The area’s scenic bays, ridges, inlets, seascapes, and even our domestic detritus, prove to be beautiful subjects for Austin Granger’s camera.

This book is broken into two parts: the first half of the book is a collection of Granger’s writings, while the second half is the collection of images of Point Reyes. In his writings, Granger talks about making a creative space of his darkroom, and events involving his trips to photograph locations around the Point Reyes area in journal-style writing. Each outing is laced with literary and artistic references, metaphors, and dramatic scene descriptions. Granger’s writing style just doesn’t match my reading preferences – there is a significant amount of description put into these “chapters.” I would prefer instead to learn a little more directly about how he came to discover these beautiful locations off San Francisco’s northern coastline. Granted, those descriptions are there – but they’re hidden within the rhetoric of Granger’s life experiences.

Austin Granger’s photography is influenced largely by the inspirational work of photo legends such as Ansel Adams, who photographed the American West and the California wilderness with a similar approach of dramatic black-and-white images that exalt the wonders of the natural world.


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