MKPL’s Relentless Pursuit of an Architecture Reviewed by E-Architect

From E-Architect:

"The complexities of working in a densely urbanised, highly regulated environment with an extreme tropical climate are not always immediately apparent in the clearly articulated forms created by MKPL Architects.This Singapore-based studio, founded in 1995 by Siew Man Kok and Cheng Pai Ling, approaches its master planning— architecture, landscape, and interior work—with agility of thought, and conviction of purpose. What emerges is a distillation of the complex into the simple. Encapsulated in MKPL’s work are comfortable spaces that influence the way people live, and forms that inspire a new perception and appreciation of the physical environment—made with the relentless pursuit of an architecture that reverberates the local light and atmosphere. Relentless Pursuit of an Architecture captures the design conscience of the studio through the writings of its founding directors. It is as much a meditation on “the practice of practice” as a presentation of MKPL’s most important work. It’s also a window on the unique urban, regulatory, commercial, and landscape context of Singapore. The book unfolds as manifestations of MKPL’s inventive spirit via projects in Singapore and elsewhere in Asia, presenting an in-depth reflection on project particularities and processes, as well as outcomes. A foreword by Dr. Erwin Viray precedes the features on commercial, institutional, private, and governmental projects of a variety of scales, which are illustrated by full-color photographs and drawings."



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