Timeless Resorts Reviewed by Luxury Travel Magazine"

From Luxury Travel Magazine:

"Timeless Resorts is the first major monograph of the multi-disciplinary design practice Stapati, established by Architect Tony Joseph.This book examines the evolution of 11 captivating hospitality projects, where Stapati's philosophy of creating Timeless Architecture, by reinterpreting the vernacular for contemporary living is expounded. The projects spread across India and Seychelles demonstrate a sensitive understanding of the context and culture, with the site forming the major generator, to develop narratives and experiences which transcend time and place. The fact that these resorts are the most successful in their respective areas of operation, establishes the relevance of contextual design. The projects are captured in a series of captivating photographs, along with detailed descriptions on the ideas and concepts which shaped each project, further accentuated by drawings and sketches. The book also features a foreword by acclaimed architect and academician Christopher Charles Benninger, entitled – ‘Archipelago of the imagination’."

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