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Craig Frazier | Drawn

“ ‘Craig Frazier | Drawn’ is a compendium tracing Craig Frazier’s forty-year career as an internationally recognized designer/illustrator known for his visual riddles, graphic wit, and simplicity. ”


Steven Heller
Author, Critic
“Craig Frazier, master of conceptual style, has defined American illustration for over thirty years. Drawn proves that his approach is as fresh today as when he began.”

Ivan Chermayeff
“I like to think that one of the explanations for Craig’s expressive and memorable illustrations is that he has been, and still is, a designer. The search for a concept, and not putting anything down until a concept is found, is what makes the end product great work that communicates—often about difficult subjects.

To get provocative and meaningful end results requires a grasp of the essential ingredients, knowledge about what they are, and the intelligence to exploit them. Scale, surprise, observation, and subtle shifts are the hallmarks of Craig’s illustrations. He knows what he’s doing.

The continuous outpouring of excellence is never an accident. On the contrary, Craig’s hard work and intelligence is omnipresent.”

Joe Morse
Illustrator, Educator
“At the heart of Craig’s work is drawing—the serious business of putting pen to paper. He draws in a language that rewards curiosity, challenges conformity, and welcomes contradiction. I would make Drawn a textbook in every illustration school in the world!”

Christoph Neimann
“To be a successful illustrator you need 70 points. To be Craig Frazier you need 100 points.

You get 10 points for the ability to spend ungodly amounts of time in front of a white piece of paper, and not lose your spirit when most of your ideas don’t work.

You get 30 points for refusing to give up; for trying to succeed by merging those ideas into something new, only to find that ninty-nine percent of them don’t work either; steadfastly refusing to translate a headline into an image; fighting against editors trying to translate your image into a headline.

You get 30 points if you do all of the above every day, every week, every month, ideally for a couple of decades.

You get the last 30 points only if you actually are Craig Frazier. Sorry.”

Kit Hinrichs
“Craig is a very rare individual. He can capture the most serious of subjects with grace, humor, and humility. 

Arriving here from New York in the late ’70s, I was welcomed by a group of artists and designers, including a young Craig Frazier, whose work I admired. I identified with their notable personal styles and craftsmanship. Most of them had an elegance, a unique color palette, a graphic boldness, and an identifiable visual technique in their work­—which collectively created the rich, distinctive tapestry that defined San Francisco Bay Area design.

Craig stood apart from that illustrious group. His images had all the markings of a designer with a “singular visual language,” but what separated him from the pack was his unique vision of the world. It wasn’t style alone that fueled his success, it was his always-arresting ideas.

Craig’s endless visual concepts combined with his dusty dry wit and wordplay continue to demonstrate his rare intelligence, curious mind, and deep pool of intrinsic talent—all of which he has generously shared with us through the years. He has enriched our lives and enhanced the value of the design profession. I am proud to call him a colleague and good friend.” 

Michael Schwab
Designer, Illustrator
“Craig Frazier’s graphic work takes us to a distant and unique place—a thoughtful plateau with intriguing deceptions and illusions. No rules of gravity or perspective exist here, yet it’s calm and peaceful. A lesson in life? Maybe. It’s always worth the trip.”

Ken Segall
Creative Director, Author
“As agency lead on Apple in LA, I once enthusiastically sent a great candidate for our team north to get Steve Jobs’s blessing. He rejected her outright. “She wasn’t curious. She didn’t ask questions. Smart people are curious,” he said. Brutal, but true.

Steve would have loved Craig. He is the poster boy for curiosity. He’s like a child the way he picks up an idea, rolls it around like a toy, pokes it from every angle, unafraid to break it in the process. And when he’s not breaking things, you can talk to him like the wonderfully wise adult he is. I don’t know what makes me smile more—Craig’s visual wit, or his ability to compress so much insight, human and strategic, into such little space.”

Karin Hibma Cronan
Principal of CRONAN
“Craig’s talent in design—and later his relentless focus on expressing big ideas through imagery—always adds a perfectly pitched note. The one that makes you remember almost wistfully the moment, the insight, the aha, the sense of knowing. What a gift this compendium of work and insights is!”


“Drawn showcases 405 full-color illustrations and 180 drawings from his projects and personal sketchbooks.”


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