Just wrapped up two incredible architecture conferences – ACSA & CELA – with a captive audience of 400+ professors & students each!

We were the only publisher exhibiting at CELA and the only one in-person at ACSA, so attendees were eager to get their hands on new titles. Many called our booth a conference highlight, and we're thrilled to hear it!

Here's a peek at the most popular titles at each event:

ACSA Top Picks:

  • Emergent Tokyo
  • Manual of Biogenic House Sections
  • Silt Sand Slurry
  • Blank
  • Designing the Computational Image
  • The Landscape Project
  • Temples and Towns
  • Design Build Studios in Latin America
  • Computational Drawing
  • Foundations (with a special shoutout to Decker for promoting it!)

CELA Crowd-Pleasers:

  • The Landscape Project
  • Way Beyond Bigness
  • Architecture of Nature
  • Wisdom of Place
  • Serious Fun
  • Aesthetics of Contemporary Planting Design
  • A Landscape Approach
  • Silt Sand Slurry
  • Poodling (plus a surprise signing by Chip Sullivan!)

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