The Architecture writer Anthony Tung on Mass to Membrane:

Nic Goldsmith's Mass to Membrane reads as lightly and succinctly as his architecture. It is both a basic and reflective text on the history and evolution of lightweight, membrane-covered tensegrity structures and an architect's diary of creative problem-solving on the cutting edge of emerging new technologies. Starting with the earliest membrane structures: traditional American Indian teepees, Bedouin goat-hair tents, and Mongolian yurts, Goldsmith journeys over 4,000 years to acoustically refined and portable concert halls, to an iconic urban landmark: the luminous roof of the Rosa Parks transit center in Detroit, to a moveable and energy-efficient skyscraper. And for all its sophisticated scientific engineering, he also shows readers pure mathematic beauty: as in the delightful shade-providing canopy in the Sky Song plaza at Arizona State University. In all, across 40 years of award-winning international practice, Goldsmith’s Mass and Membrane is a journey of the human imagination that reveals ethereal and economic options for a more sustainable future.


By Anthony M. Tung author of Preserving the World's Great Cities